diostatus - The disclose.io best practice maturity model

Let’s send best practice viral!

Disclose.io Status provides recognition to early adopters of vulnerability disclosure programs, and a clear path towards best practices for those wanting to become more advanced.

  security.txt Basic Partial Full Full with CVD
security.txt or dnssecuritytxt Yes Optional Optional Optional Optional
Written policy No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Good-faith statement No No Yes Yes Yes
Explicit authorization No No No Yes Yes
Public and proactive CVD timeline No No No No Yes

In combination with the Disclose.io Seal, diostatus clearly communicates:

  1. The availability of of a vulnerability disclosure program (VDP) or bug bounty program (BBP);
  2. The degree of legal safety a finder can expect;
  3. The types of security research activities that are blessed by the organization; and
  4. The maturity of an organization’s vulnerability intake program and, by extension, its overall cybersecurity program.

Leveraging network-effect to promote best practice is a core design goal of The disclose.io Project. Diostatus and dioseal together create a “race-to-the-top” by making adoption of best practice rewarding, desirable, and viral.

How is it managed?

diodb is the system of record for diostatus. diodb’s open-source and transparent nature provides full insight into changes, additions, and even downgrades of a diostatus.

Each status level has a corresponding dioseal, which organizations can display on their security page, policy page, shopping cart checkout, or elsewhere on a website.

Key objectives

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