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Core Projects

The Terms dioterms A core set of boilerplate vulnerability disclosure policy templates, modified to suit different geographies and verticals. Active
The List diodb The definitive community-powered list of every known VDP and public bug bounty program, along with their Status. Active
The Seal dioseal A recognizable mark to indicate hackers’ safety and adoption of best practices to customers and partners. Active
Our Community diocomm A community-powered support hub for security researchers and technology vendors. Active
Tools and Data diodata Useful data and tools for researchers, program owners, academics, and legal teams. Active

diodata Projects

Platforms platforms.csv A list of all known vulnerability disclosure and bug bounty platforms. Active
CERTs list-of-certs.csv A list of the contact details and URLs for Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) from around the world. Active
HOFs dioseal A list vulnerability disclosure and bug bounty program acknowledgement pages. Active
Legal threats A living document of legal threats against security researchers. Active

Got an idea for a new diodata list? Submit a PR or issue to the diodata repo.

Other Projects

Repo: tweeter

  • Description: Statistics bot for the @disclose_io Twitter account written in Go
  • Status: Active
  • Maintainer: @steams

Repo: diosts

  • Description: A Go scraper that validates security.txt files and outputs them in the JSON format.
  • Status: Active
  • Maintainer: @gi-el

Repo: chrome-extension

  • Description: VDP and safe harbor chrome extension
  • Status: Private pre-release
  • Maintainer: @codingo

Repo: diogen

  • Description: A web-based VDP policy generation tool based on dioterms.
  • Status: Not Yet Started
  • Maintainer: If interested please submit a PR or issue to the repo.

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